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Terms of Service

Don's Directories Terms of Service

By using any of the Don's Directories web sites you are bound by the following terms. These terms apply to all domain names that may be used to access our information, including, donsdirectories,com,,, and any other names as we may develop from time to time which bear our company's copyright and/or this notice (collectively referred to as "Don's Directories"). If you do not agree to these terms then you are prohibited from accessing any of our web sites other than this Terms of Service page.

By using Don's Directories you agree that violation of any of these terms may result in termination of your subscription and this licence with or without notice and with or without refund at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual or business in our sole discretion and without justification by providing a pro-rated refund of subscription fees paid.

Don's Directories are not a high-availability service guaranteed to be available at all times. Internet and server problems beyond our control may result in brief interruptions of service from time to time, as well as occasional equipment maintenance periods which are generally scheduled for times outside of normal business hours for North America. Availability may also be restricted or limited based on account/subscription type or in the normal course of managing our server resources.

Headings in this document are for convenience of reference only and do not alter the text in any way.

Ownership and Licence

The use of information on Don's Directories is licensed, not sold, in the form of annual subscriptions.

Except in the case of separate Site or Corporate licences, these subscriptions are licensed for use by one person on a single computer. Use of a subscription by more than one person or simultaneously on multiple computers requires a licence for each person and each computer. It is permitted for a person to use one subscription from multiple computers at different times (e.g., at the office and at home).

Each person must have their own subscriber ID (i.e., log-in user ID). If you have a location where many people require access to the site, each person must have their own subscriber ID. If you have special needs, such as site-wide licensing or allowing all employees to share stored bookmarks, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Not For Resale or Publication

The information is licenced for your personal use only.

You may not resell the information as part of a service nor in any other form, such as another web site, a booklet, or a print-out of a web page.

Neither may you publish the information obtained from Don's Directories in electronic or print or any other form, even if such publication is without monetary gain to you.

Some examples: You may use our database like a phone book in order to contact people or companies listed, but you may not provide that information as a service to others. You may look-up information for another member of your company as long as it is on a single computer and abides by all other terms herein, but no part of that information may be incorporated in another publication such as a web site or printed directory.

No Automated Use

The Don's Directories are licensed for real-time use by people only. Accessing our site by automated means is prohibited. For example, writing a piece of software that requests company information from Don's Directories or any other means of access which is not done by a human being according to all the terms herein is strictly prohibited.

No Hacking

Attempting to bypass any of the Don's Directories's security or limitations, or to access its information in any way other than that which is expressly provided to you is strictly prohibited.

No Refunds

Much like with a music CD or DVD, we do not provide refunds part-way through a subscription term. One year is the only subscription period we offer.

No Spamming

Use of e-mail addresses found on Don's Directories is only for the purpose of individual and personal e-mail. We do not sell e-mail lists and do not permit the e-mail addresses found in our database to be used for the purpose of mass electronic mailing (known in the industry as "spam" and the verb "spamming").

No Affiliation

Use of the information on Don's Directories does not create any affiliation between us and you. You are expressly prohibited from using our name in conjunction with any marketing or for any other purpose except to tell people that you are a subscriber to our service for the purpose of sharing information as a colleague.

For example, as part of sales calls to mention our name is not premitted since this could give the impression that Don's Directories supports your business, product, or service.